PiElle MediaMix
For over 25 years, PiElle MediaMix has been Strategic and Operational Marketing and Communication services: Advertising, Media Planning, New Media, Web and Social. Two Copywriting and Screenwriting specialists, Art Direction and graphics for Corporate Publishing. Great experience in Merchandising, in Packaging, in the creation of Exhibition Stands.
It manages PR and Emergency Management. As for Video and Photo making, it boasts Shooting and Editing, also Training and Tutorials. Strong in Illustrations, Comics and Advercomics, Animation and Corporate Storytelling.
Brand Sponsoring Services.

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Copywriting & Corporate storytelling

Redazione Testi & Storytelling aziendale

Writing and describing a company, its hallmark, the people who make it possible and the outcome of their work is a feasible mission.
In synergy with company languages ​​and objectives, developing distinctive styles and values, we write companies, brands, products and services, professions and their stories.

Public Relation and Sponsoring

Pubbliche Relazioni e Sponsoring

The growing sense of social and environmental responsibility, in conjunction with the progressive development of sociality in economic and commercial interactions, have promoted a radical change in relations with the public and with the surrounding context, in which we intervene with specific professional skills.

Strategic Consulting

Consulenza Strategica e Formazione

The strength of a global vision of the market, of the players who operate there, of the dynamics of purchase and sale, the experience and the compendium of differentiated professional skills that make up the whole, can be our integration with internal resources capable of accelerating and / or enhance the achievement of goals.

Emergency Management

Gestione Emergenza

In times of live permanent, online and offline, managing real and relational emergencies is essential. In addition to strategic skills, technical skills are also needed in a range of arts and crafts that are increasingly difficult to manage entirely without assisting with external professional profiles, which belong to us.